Beige hair color is very popular today, as are its shades.  On the fashion podium there are more and more models with a similar shade of hair and Designers claim that next year this shade of hair will become a trend.

Why beige hair color?

Although stylists claim that beige hair color is universal, it should be said that it looks more natural with a cool type of skin color.  This means that beige hair is perfect for women with either dark brown or black eyes; or blue and dark grey eyes. 

In addition, many stylists, including myself, agree that beige hair color allows you to visually hide your age, making you a younger woman.  So, since the advantages of this shade are known to us, let’s see how to choose it.

Shades of beige hair color

Blond beige: Shade of beige blond by dyeing hair – a common solution for many women.  To create this shade of hair, you need to choose the right shade according to the base hair color.  This is a fairly simple procedure, especially if the basis is a blond hair.  If the hair is dark in color, dyeing is recommended in the salon.

Blond beige-golden: Beige-golden hair color is again perfect for girls with a cold color type.  It harmonises perfectly with blue eyes and dark skin.  Beige hair color is one of the most beautiful shades.  Especially if combined with golden notes.

Light blond beige: Light blond beige hair color is one of the most popular shades and is suitable for any skin color and eyes.  Moreover, it will become the trend of the new season.  Light blond beige hair color looks like ash blonde, but only with golden warm notes!

Natural Beige: Natural beige hair color is very similar to a wheat and caramel shade.  It has a pronounced sandy tint. However, it is suitable exclusively for women with a cold skin color type (black, blue, grey eyes and fair skin).

Try it out yourself

Specialists recommend that the procedure for lightening hair should be done exclusively in the salon, with the help of a professional.  This is the only way you can avoid the most common mistakes when dyeing hair, and get a beautiful shade.

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